Who am i?

vana ash

“My secret is being not terrible at a lot of things.” — MOBY

I’m a jack of all creative trades seeking a company to call home. In my 7 years of experience, I have seen my work on store shelves and TV screens,  lead teams in-house & remotely and collaborated with different teams to create brand awareness and launch new products.

My name is Vana, I’m an artist +  designer + photographer that works with small to medium brands on creative projects.


I have been a lifelong artist and love to express myself in many different mediums, two of my current favorites being scuplting and painting. 


With over 7 years of experience in the design industry, I have touched on everything from print, packaging, branding, websites, commercials, email and social media.


I mainly do creative product and lifestyle shoots, but you can also hire me for unique event + headshot photography. Fun Fact: All the photos on this site were taken by me, except for the ones of me!

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